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Beethoven’s death in 1827, ending a strict classical period.

Europe to 1600 onwards, has entered a period of great development – Baroque era, when we not only had a well-known as Bach, Handel and other great composers, operas, concertos, sonatas and other topics have been created development out.evening dresses

When the European music into the classical period of time, that is, in 1750 after the death of Bach, the European polyphony successors, Lok wind turned the main theme of simple and practical, when the emergence of three musicians: “Le Saint” Beethoven, “child prodigy” of Mozart, as well as the “father of the symphony,” said Haydn! The theme music from centuries of religious music, has gradually become a rich philosophical connotation of the rich classical music!lace wigs sale 

Beethoven’s death in 1827, ending a strict classical period. Romanticism in Europe at that time being the baptism, when the composer to composer as a means to express inner feelings, the aesthetic of music has also been further developed and produced means of musical expression such as Virtuoso! If at the time Paganini, Liszt, etc. The player is then a smash hit! Musical performance styles are becoming increasingly abundant, there have been some creative language of ethnic music, ethnic composers, such as Sibelius in Finland, Norway, Grieg, Russia’s five-strong group, are the national music camp Great Composers ~evening Dresses 

Time to enter the 19th century, there have been headed by impressionist music of Debussy! Of musical expression of great colors, and then painting style have in common!cheap evening dresses 

the size of the traditional European-style tone gradually!
When we hear the Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert’s music, it brings us not only beautiful melodies, full of charm of the music thinking, as well as the most sincere feelings, or a quiet, elegant, or shock, inspire, or joy, happiness, or sadness, melancholy …… cheap lace wigs 

Speaking of European classical music, we can not fail to mention Elizabeth medieval period, Gregory period music, which is dominated by religious music! evening DressesAt that time the people of the Christian faith and worship, a direct impact to the society at that time the political and music, then music, but purely religious purposes, is limited to singing in a church, there is no musical instruments, but, but ignored the future of music has played an an important role!cheap evening dresses 

By 1450, Europe entered the Renaissance music, because it was political instability in Europe, the Holy See’s prestige and power began to weaken and burgeoning bourgeoisie, in order to suit the prevailing social development and people’s ideas, music and began to promote people-centered ideas, so have started in various areas of the Renaissance, that is, then, the size of the traditional European-style tone gradually!cheap evening dresses

Maxim’s a “Music is always the first one” more shows his respect for classical music

While mentioning the brilliant performances in the stage design, rich performance means, Maxim, is shown playing his own pursuit of perfection and give careful consideration to the audience: “These (lights, TV wall, stage design, etc.) is in my and the band played a number of cross-border music,lace wigs sale used only when, and we put some video and laser beam hit the wall on television, which is required by its own type of music, stage effects, learn from pop music elements. However, just Like I have said, when the classical music part of a beginning, all of which would stop, I do not like classical music a lot of lighting effects, this will affect me, and will also affect the audience listen to music – music always come first. ”cheap evening dresses 

Maxim’s a “Music is always the first one” more shows his respect for classical music, and insists that it is choreography any modern lighting elements can not be replaced.evening Dresses 

Maxim, there are many fans in China, many music producer from him to find inspiration. However, in the face of such praise and recognition, Maxim has always been with a humble attitude: “This kind of love and acceptance are very important for all artists, my own music into a lot of hard work and enthusiasm, in order to show In order to achieve the ideal music, has paid a lot of time to think. Today, there are so many people to listen to my music, so many professionals, recognized my music, which to me and artists like me are a great motivation and a sense of accomplishment. “cheap lace wigs 

the pursuit of a rational expression of feelings.
A broad sense, classical music is Western classical music, those from the West since the Middle Ages in Europe, the context of mainstream culture, the music, mainly because of its complex and diverse creative skills and can carry a heavy connotation different from the popular music and folk music.lace wigs
2, narrow sense of classical music is classical music, is the 1750-1820 year during this period the European mainstream music, also known as the Vienna classical music. The music sent three most famous composers Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven. CLASSICAL MUSIC, the Chinese translation as “classical music.” Some people think that “classical” gives the impression that there are antiques, old-fashioned flavor, it was renamed the “classical music.” dresses sale It was also where according to the Oxford English Dictionary definition of classical, in traditional and serious style, and called “serious music.” As a result, “classical music” was again put on a “serious” hat, people are afraid to close. Under this definition, but one who is not a good look up the dictionary, because the serious one is the second meaning given such a definition: (referring to books, music, etc.) cheap evening dresses thought-provoking, not only for recreational. So we know that classical music is different from the place where popular music is its profound meaning can be thought-provoking, more noble people, free from vulgar. And then look at the Longman Dictionary of the interpretation of classical music: music that people consider serious and that has been popular for a long time. Can be seen that after years of classical music is the test of a long time to flourish, for the crowd favorite music. Classical music is an independent genre, artistic emphasis Xilian, the pursuit of a rational expression of feelings.Prom Dresses 
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